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Let's Rocanotherworld

Rocanotherworld isn’t an ordinary festival, mostly because it is built on three of Roca’s core beliefs. Be curious, never settle for less, keep learning new things and think outside the box. Be different, express yourself in the most quirky way without caring about what others think or say. And last but not least, Be for others, be there for who you truly love, keep doing what you know best and share that with everyone, organize, volunteer, support and connect.

In order to keep Ioan Dan Niculescu, known as “Roca“, memory and legacy alive, Rocanotherworld, a charitable music, contemporary art and gastronomy festival was born.

In his memory, on 23rd of June 2016, his friends organized in just 5 days, the first edition of Rocanotherworld. It became one of the biggest festivals in the northeastern region, included in the tourism strategy of Iasi.

Rocanotherworld’s essence is found in the desire of every one of us to be part of something bigger.

#BeCurious #BeDifferent #BeForOthers


Ioan Dan Niculescu

Roca founded Argo, a branding and design agency which achieved national awards. He popularized Thailand among Romanians. He created Doamne Fereste, first premium spicy sauce in Romania. He saved the life of hundreds of homeless puppies. He influenced and changed many of us just with his simple presence, few words and a warm hug.

On 2nd of June 2016, Roca left us for a better world at the age of 37.

Be Curious.

Find out how you can bring your own contribution, inform yourself about how can you bring benefits to our community, dare to develop your spirit together with others, be curious for nature, for people, for the city.

Be Different.

Be different from the majority, express your uniqueness alongside others who share the same vision, the vision of a cultural, artistic, green city. Leave your mark on the local community, on the local nature, express yourself among hundreds and thousands of voices.

Be for Others.

What you do for yourself stays for you, what you do for others is forever. Only in this we can create a safe space for art, culture and the local community. Be part of something bigger, get in touch with the community. 



1 Day

1 Stage

5 Bands

2000 Participants


3 Days

2 Stages

+60 Artists

25 000 Participants


3 Days

3 Stages

+70 Artists

30 000 Participants